Focusing on new, bona fide varieties GCP will always bring you a range of inspirational plants which will help drive sales in your garden centre.

Our sales team, don’t just sell, they are an integral part of your success.  Simon, Amanda and Mike have years of experience, knowledge and passion for the products they introduce to you. Don’t let their skills pass you by. They will be in regular contact as the season unfolds guiding you through the stock you should be offering your customers and bringing you that perfect impulse line to drive your sales.

AT GCP YOU WILL always find a warm welcome awaiting you. Our sales team would be delighted to make an appointment with you in order to show you around our nursery. A visit to GCP is always a valuable experience, you will not only get the chance to see how we care for the stock that will ultimately be dispatched to garden centres all over the UK you may catch a glimpse of trial varieties being assessed for their potential as future promotions. The nursery comprises three extensive glasshouses, over 50 covered beds and tunnels and in excess of 50 open beds all of which are used to progress the stock in order to have it ready when demand peaks.

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2015 will see a significant broadening of the herbaceous range of plants offered by GCP to our customers. Whilst the ‘Inspirations’ range of GCP plants has stood us in good stead now for many years it is perhaps time to take a fresh look at our labelling system and present a re-design for the modern retail environment.

High quality clearer images coupled with more meaningful and helpful information, will surely help enable the typical retail customer to make a more informed choice of plants to take away from your garden centre.

In 2014 GCP invested in a better quality pot for all our herbaceous potting. The reason for this investment was to provide a pot with a slot to accommodate the new label. The slot in the pot provides a uniformed position for our full colour labels allowing you to regiment your blocking up for the best visual effect.

Garden Centre Plants

GARDEN CENTRE PLANTS have been supplying garden centres nationwide for over 30 years. Leading with the recognisable and well respected ‘Inspirations’ brand.

Garden Centre Plants offers a well-rounded offering of climbers, shrubs, herbaceous and semi specimen plants.